We are a small company of a couple of folks so if you have questions the very best thing to do is just contact us at service@uitraps.com 😊



  • Within the United States Shipping: Order by 12/15
  • Anywhere outside of the United States is very unpredictable so we are very conservative on our guidance for this: Order by 11/1


For US sales, we use the US Postal Service exclusively.  We use USPS or DHL for international orders. If you have a specific need that the USPS will not fulfill then please contact us at service@uitraps.com 

  • USPS Standard / 7-10 days
  • Anywhere outside of the United States is very unpredictable.
  • Orders placed after 7 am CST on Friday may process the following Monday.
  • The pickup day does not count as a day in transit-expedited shipments may take one additional business day.
  • We’re not responsible for USPS shipping delays.
  • Customs fees and duties are the customer’s responsibility.


  • All rates are standard USPS rates determined by the US Postal service
  • International rates vary a LOT —find out at checkout


International orders have gotten very tricky…especially since COVID-19.  If your address does not resolve in the USPS system we will have to cancel your order, unfortunately as we’ve had too many undelivered or returned packages.  The rates are also high, and currently, we have no great solution to this issue.



Need to cancel or make an adjustment? Let us know right away, and we’ll do our best! Email service@uitraps.com. Sometimes we can catch the order before it ships and stop it.  Unfortunately, we’re unable to make any changes if we’ve been contacted more than a day after the order has been placed (since we will have shipped it by then).


If you need to return a product, contact us at service@uitraps.com and we can coordinate from there.  

  • You can return any items purchased in the last 10 days.
  • You cannot return items that were gifts, promotional items, purchased longer than 10 days ago.
  • If your order was delivered in the U.S., your return is FREE 
  • Customers are responsible for returns delivered outside of the US – please contact service@uitraps.comfor more information.

Received a damaged item? Gah! we’re sorry. Send us an email at service@uitraps.com.